For over 20 years, Telesales Services has provided colleges, universities and financial institutions with agent based and automated call center solutions to support student, financial and fundraising initiatives.

Educational institutions including Ohio State University, UC Berkeley and Hult International Business School have used our services for recruitment and financial aid, as well as membership and scholarship drives. Our goal is to connect you with superior agents who will deliver exceptional results. Finding the right partner to help your school meet its objectives is our highest priority.

Telesales Services offers the following educational services:  

  • Admission Appointment Setting
  • Automated Messaging
  • Alumni Membership Drives
  • Alumni Surveys
  • Annual Phonathons
  • Enrollment Management programs
  • Recruitment Programs
  • Financial Aid Services
  • Fundraising/Giving
  • Mobile Giving Text to Pledge
  • Student Loan Services
  • Scholarship Services
  • Student Surveys

Contact Telesales Services today to find out more about our commitment to customer satisfaction, and how we can ensure the success of your project with our no-fee, time-saving, best fit approach.