telemarketing for small businessesAffordable Answering Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses have many day-to-day operations to manage. Although phone calls can be distracting, neglecting them can be bad for business. Voicemail is an option, but most callers want to speak to a live person.

A phone answering service may be the solution. Telesales Services can connect you with affordable phone answering services for your small business offering 24/7 customer service coverage, virtual receptionists and bilingual agents. Real-time customer contact translates to more leads, more sales, satisfied customers, and a growing business.

There are many benefits to implementing a phone answering service for your small business including avoiding missed calls, decreasing interruptions to your everyday business tasks, providing answers to basic questions from customers and prospective customers and maintaining an organized log of incoming phone calls and potential leads. Outsourcing your business’ phone answering services frees you from the cost and training of hiring administrative staff. At the same time, the virtual receptionists become an extension of your company and ambassadors of your brand.

Contact Telesales Services to learn how we can provide you with a team of professionals who will represent your particular business needs and your brand, while saving you time and money.