Call Center Political Calling Services

Telesales Services provides a unique service for outsourcing your political calling requirements. We will guide you through the call center selection process for your inbound, outbound or automated polling needs. Your targeted messaged will be handled efficiently and effectively to ensure your chance of winning through our pre-approved USA call center service providers.

Only after a complete understanding of your political calling campaign objectives, do we suggest a vendor. Regardless if your campaign is local or national, whether you are running for the US Senate, US House, State Senate or State House we will assist you. And there is never a fee.We will refer you to the appropriate call center for your organized labor, political action committee, public affairs, mobilization efforts or educational persuasion campaigns. And there is never a fee.

Services   Benefits

Political Campaign Calling
Get Out the Vote
GOTV robo calls
Interactive Voice Broadcasting
Automated Pre-Recorded Messaging
Endorsement Calls
Opinion Polling


Win Elections
Increase Campaign Awareness
Increase Voter Response
Increase Awareness, Confidence and Turnout
Capture Polling Survey Results
Launch Alerts in Seconds

Our goal is to provide you with best Political Calling solution through our time-honored-award winning call centers.