Telesales & Telemarketing Outsourcing for B2B

Telesales Services represents over 100 USA call centers. We are continuously veting our call center candidates for superior performance with high touch customer care and brand care to ensure we match your needs to best-in-class Telemarketing, Lead Generation and Appointment Setting services.

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A Telemarketing Leader

Now 27 years after its inception, Telesales Services continues to serve as the industry model for matching the needs of thousands of clients to “best-in-class” providers based solely in the USA. Choose Telesales Services as your call center solution and your business will benefit:

No Fees

You are never charged a fee for our expertise and recommendations with regards to outbound and inbound telemarketing, or for our business answering services.

 Save Time

Inbound and outbound telemarketing are both challenging and time consuming.  Save time by choosing Telesales Services and focus on core business functions instead.

Best Fit

You can count on our award-winning resource network to provide “Best Fit” solutions with a personal touch and world class customer care and brand management.

Celebrating 27 Years of Excellence

Telesales Services is celebrating its 27th anniversary. With this milestone, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the thousands of valued clients who have contributed to our many successes and steady growth. We’re proud to lead the industry with the widest variety of outbound and inbound services, call center outsourcing and affordable answering services for small businesses.

We’re looking forward to continuing to provide the Call Center outsourcing expertise, exceptional customer care and personalized attention that our business partners and clients have found sets up apart from the competition.

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