IndustriesOrganizations of all sizes can benefit from telemarketing outsourcing, but different industries have different needs. Luxury brands have different outsourcing requirements than a utility company, and an outsourcing solution designed for a not-for-profit organization is not likely to work for the travel industry.

Telesales Services has served as the industry model for matching the needs of our valued clients to carefully selected, “best-in-class” telemarketing providers based solely in the USA. We know the industries we support and what makes them unique. We’ve matched hundreds of global brands and Fortune 500 companies with the appropriate telemarketing resources and solutions that fit their specific project needs and budget.

Whether it’s finding new business, improving customer service, increasing customer retention or just about any business challenge you might have, Telesales Services is in the best position to save you significant time by finding the best fit for your needs at no additional cost to you. That’s the “no fee, save time, best fit” advantage you’ll find only when working with Telesales Services.

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