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First-rate consumer services call center telemarketing

Telesales Services has one of the largest U.S. based networks for consumer services call center with the experience and insight to address the challenges and demands of today’s consumer. Throughout our 22 years in business, we have worked with over 100 call centers, establishing relationships and building a reputation for excellence in personalized consumer services.

In today’s competitive marketplace, best business practice demands first-rate consumer services and Telesales Services will deliver on that guarantee. Using our vast knowledge and industry experience, we will carefully evaluate your specific needs and identify the most appropriate telemarketing resource that reflects your unique brand.

If your business needs a consumer services call center, our partners will provide personable and attentive agents acting as an extension of your brand and communicating relevant and accurate product information to guide customers through any transaction. Resolution for customer complaints is another aspect of consumer service Telesales Services can provide with capable, patient, and knowledgeable agents who will reduce call time and improve customer retention.

Small businesses have many daily operations to manage and a phone answering service may be the perfect solution. Telesales Services can connect you with affordable phone answering services offering 24/7 customer service coverage, virtual receptionists and bilingual agents. Live receptionists can translate to new leads, more sales, satisfied customers, and a growing business.

Outsourcing your business phone answering service decreases interruptions to everyday tasks, provides immediate answers to customer questions, and is a cost-saving measure for a small business. Additionally, the virtual receptionist becomes an ambassador of your brand and an extension of your company.

For any growing business, large or small, providing the best possible customer experience should be a critical goal.

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